Three Hacks to Achieving Your Goals

Let me start off by saying that this is something I use to be atrocious at. If you would have asked me my goals say 5 years ago, I would have said something like, “Be wealthy” or “Be living a happy life.” Someone might ask what is wrong with those goals and to this day I would answer absolutely nothing!

Here’s the problem though: how do you measure wealth? How do you measure happiness? Since those are subjective terms and everyone’s definition is different, there is no way to know when you’ve truly hit the goal of being, say, happy.

The point is (and tip #1) that your goals have to be something that you can measure. So instead of saying you want to be wealthy, put a number on your goal. For happiness, define what that is for you, so that when you achieve that level of happiness, you’ll know that you’ve hit your goal! You can’t hit what you’re not aiming at, and if you have no definitive goal your aiming at, you might as well be shooting blind.

Tip #2 is to write your goals down, yes with a pen, and yes with paper. I know it sounds crazy but only 10% of people actually have goals and only 2-3% write them down! So is it a wonder why most people never hit their goals in life? Then look at these goals daily! If you need to update them, then do so. The main thing is that they are in front of you all the time, otherwise you’ll get so caught up living life that you’ll completely forget about them.

Tip #3 is to share your goals with someone, but not just anyone. Share them with someone who also has goals they are wanting to achieve, so you two can be accountability buddies. Have you ever noticed you go to the gym more when you have a gym buddy, someone to hold you accountable to going? The same thing applies here. If we have someone pushing us, and visa versa everyday to keep going on our goals, we are much more likely to achieve them!

So grab that pen and paper, write those goals down, and let us know in the comments below some of the amazing goals you’ve set for the rest of 2019!

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