Rational vs. Emotional Decisions

When it comes to making a decision, do you ever stop to see what frame of mind you’re in. So many times, we make impulse decisions based on emotion and typically they are erratic. You might be thinking, isn’t it a good idea to base your decisions based on how your feeling in the moment? The answer is actually no. Let me unpack this idea here.

When it comes to your emotions, they are like the wind. According to the newest studies, humans can have up to 27 emotions and imagine how many of those you feel a day. Think about it. Think about the emotion you felt when you got up this morning, then left for work, then the drive to work, then the list of emails, then your lunch, then a slow afternoon in the office, then your drive back home. You can see how your mood changes so easily by the situation or environment we’re in. This fact makes it dangerous to make any kind of decision because you it might not be how you truly feel in that moment.

Say for example you get into a small argument about jelly with your significant other. It’s been a long day for you and you snap at them for not having picked up any. They in turn snap back and the whole things turns into an argument. Could you imagine making a serious decision about each other’s future in that moment? In that particular moment you would probably say you don’t want anything to do with them when you actually both have a supportive loving relationship. When you’re in the heat of an emotion, it can cloud you and impair you from making the decision that is truly best for you.

You’re probably wondering, ok when do I make a decision then? The best time to make any kind of serious or life altering decision, you want to be in the best frame of mind and when you can have a rational train of thought. From an emotionally stable or mellow place, you can think clearly, logically, and really tap into how you truly feel about a person or situation. You can tap into how you feel at your core and base your decision on your values and what’s important to you, not on the heat of the moment.

So, moral of the story, if you’ve had a bad day or feeling heated, take some time to cool down, relax and get your blood pressure back to normal. You don’t want to make a forever decision based on a temporary feeling.

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