Brave Your Battles Challenge Day 5 – Habits to Lead You to Your First Six-Figures

Last day best day! Thank you Rachel Hollis! You’ve made it to the last day of the Brave Your Battles Challenge! You should be so stinking proud of yourself and how far you’ve come! Take a moment to honor all the progress you’ve made:

  • You’ve taken a chance to dig deep and learn about the barriers that are holding you back from certain success in your life
  • You’ve faced the fears that keep plaguing your thoughts and learned that they are just thoughts. They have no merit or teeth
  • You’ve learned to embrace failures and know they will happen. Regardless you will celebrate when you’ve accomplished something because even if you fail, you’ve learned so much about yourself along the way.
  • You’ve learned who you need to surround yourself with and who your people are. They are people who are going to encourage and uplift you and challenge you to grow even more

And now we’ve come to the very last day. Day 5 baby! We’re taking a page out of our coaching program and giving you an exclusive peak to what we teach to get you to your first 6-figures! Yep! No one else has gotten a chance to see this, except you! Holy exclusive!

Our Six Steps to 6-Figures consists of six concentrated steps that help you prepare and scale to your first 6-figures. We’re giving a sneak peek at the first 2! It all comes down to habits. Habits of your thinking, habits in your action, all that lead to your results. So let’s dive in…

  1. Know the Needle Moving Tasks

If you’re like us, you like lists. All the lists of all the things all the time. But let me guess, you make this list and feel great for making it but then feel overwhelmed when it comes to executing it. Or when you sit down to work, you do the easiest things first to give yourself a little boost of serotonin when you cross it off. Sound familiar? We’re going to break that habit and have you focus on the things that are actually going to make you money and move you forward in your business. So how do you figure this out? I want you to make a list of all the things or tasks you could be doing in your business. From there, take a highlighter and highlight the ones that actually make you money. There will probably be only 2-3 max. Those are the things you should be spending more time doing and first thing in the morning after your personal growth. 

We like to use the 80/20 rule when talking about these money making tasks. Spend 80% of your time on the 20% that will make you money. It’s called putting in the big rocks first. When you look at your day and make a new list for tomorrow, put the big rocks in first – the tasks that are going to generate leads, bring in more customers, close more sales, and make you more money to move your business forward. In order to see actual growth in your business, it starts with these things. These are typically the hard things as well. So not only will you start to see some movement forward in your business, it will 100% stretch you outside of your comfort zone and growth will be a bi-product 

  1. Develop a Habit of Asking Yourself, “What would 6-figure Me Do?”

If you want to be a 6-figure business owner, you’ve got to start  THINKING like a 6-figure business owner. When you come up against a situation, instead of reacting emotionally, ask yourself, “what would 6-figure *your name* do?” From there, really figure out how the future you would act in certain stressful situations. Even further, how do they live their life. Ask yourself these questions about 6-figure you:

  1. How do they act in stressful situations?
  2. How do they act in situations that cannot be controlled?
  3. What is their mood like?
  4. What are their work habits?
  5. How do they take care of their body?
  6. What do they eat?
  7. How much sleep do they get?
  8. What relationships do they have?
  9. What habits do they have?
  10. What is their morning routine like?
  11. What do they read?

And so on… The key is first you have to start thinking like 6-figure you in order to start acting like 6-figure you. Your thoughts lead to your actions and it all starts in your head. If you think it, you can be it. When you start to think like someone who runs a 6-figure business, you’ll start to find ways to figure things out, problem solve, devote your time to your personal growth, take care of your health and wellness, and start to live like you already make 6-figures. Once you implement this habit into your life, you’ll be surprised at what you attract. It’s the law of attraction and if you put out what you want, you’ll be amazed at how fast it will come back to you… ten-fold!

Day 5 Reflection:

  1. Think about all the lists you make for your work day. Out of those lists, what is getting accomplished? 
  2. Of the tasks that are getting accomplished, are those money making activities?
  3. Think about how you act on a daily basis? Do you think you act in a way that would attract 6-figures? Where can you adjust?

Day 5 Action:

  1. Make a list of all the tasks you do in a day. Of those tasks, highlight the ones that make you money or move your business forward.
  2. From there, create a schedule where you block out time first thing in the morning for these activities. The key is follow through! 
  3. Write a list of all the things you think 6-figure you would do. Are you doing any of these things now? Where can you implement them in your life?
  4. Put this list up somewhere you can see it so every day you remind yourself of the person you want to be 

You did it! You finished the 5 Day Brave Your Battles Challenge! Man we are so proud of you! You did the things and you’re one step closer to achieving the life you desire. Most importantly, we hope you’ve grown through this process. It’s important to reflect back on who you were before you started and who you are now Honor that person who decided to go through change because change is not easy but it’s so worth it when you look back.

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