3 Ways to Generate More Sales Today!

Do you ever find yourself uttering these limiting belief phrases when it comes to selling in your business:

3 Ways to Generate More Sales Today!

“Sales aren’t my thing”

“I don’t want to be pushy”

“I don’t want to seem too salesy”

“I’ve never been good at sales”

These are just some of the many limiting beliefs that we hear people say.  And we completely understand, because that used to BE us. At one point or another, Jill and I have uttered each of those statements.  It wasn’t until we started to educate and reframe our minds did we start to look at selling in a completely different way.

So today I’d like to share with you three things that helped shift our mindset when it came to sales, and thereby dramatically increasing the revenue for our business.  If you can master these three things, you will not only find yourself more confident when it comes to selling, you will also start seeing a substantial increase in revenue.

Tip #1: Everyone is Selling Everything All the Time

What I mean by this, is every human being is a walking, talking, selling machine.  Think about it . . . every time you recommend a restaurant, you talk about a tv show, you speak highly of a book, you are in fact, selling the person you’re talking to about why they should go to that restaurant, watch that show, or read that book.

And how did you come to find that restaurant, that show, or that book?  Someone sold you on it. And didn’t it change your life for the better? Now you have a great place to find Italian food, a show that brings you joy, and a book that helped you in an area you wanted to grow in.  

Now ask yourself what would have happened if they would have let fear keep them from selling you on why you needed it?  You wouldn’t have had that amazing experience, or had a chance to learn that knowledge. But because you had an amazing experience and/or it changed your life for the positive, you wanted to share that excitement with others. 

This Is what happens when you let fear keep you from selling your product or service.  You are robbing your potential client from having that positive, amazing experience. Just because it’s your product doesn’t mean you should clam up about talking about it, in fact, it’s quite the opposite!  You should be even more excited to share about it, because it changed your life, and you’ve seen first hand how it’s changed other people’s lives, and that’s something to get REALLY excited about!

So next time you find yourself experiencing fear, remember that we are all always selling, and that your product/service is no different than talking about something else positive and amazing that you would share with others.  People need what you have, so share it, and share it with passion!

Tip #2: Practice Makes Perfect

So many times when we work with people, I will ask them what their sales script looks like, or what the process looks like when it comes to them closing a sale?  You know the response I usually get? Nothing.

Most people don’t have a plan of action when they go into a sales call, or when they are talking to a potential customer about buying their product.  If you don’t have a plan, then by default, you’re planning to fail. And that unfortunately, is most people’s plan.

Sales isn’t something that you can just “wing it” and expect to make a 6-figure income year after year.  Business doesn’t work that way. So do yourself a favor, and at LEAST have some sort of template you want to go off of when talking to potential clients.  NO I DON’T mean just read a script word for word! You do, however, need to have questions you’d like to ask and know what product/service would be best for them ahead of time so you can tailor the call to their needs.  

You’re doing your potential clients/customers a disservice by not being prepared, because you are not going to show up in a way that will help them achieve maximum benefits from that call.  When you have a plan, it establishes you as an authority, and a professional, which ultimately builds trust with your potential buyer.

Tip #3: Reframe the Way You Look at Everything

When you change the way you look at things, the things you’re looking at begin to change.  What I mean is that you always have a choice between two options when it comes to how you look at things.  So here are some examples:

I hate sales vs. I love the transformation people get from my product

I don’t know how to sell vs. I sell with confidence and authority

I hate objections vs. I love helping people overcome their limiting beliefs

I don’t want to feel salesy vs. I love talking about the thing I’m most passionate about

I don’t want to be pushy vs. I know this person would benefit from my product

I hate asking for money vs. I know my product is well worth what I’m charging

When you change the story you tell yourself, sales actually becomes a really simple process.  You know your customer needs what you have, you’ve created a great product, and you’re excited to share with them about it.  That’s a recipe for sales success!

In the end, sales is about confidence, and confidence comes from competence.  So the more you know about your client, and how your product will help them, the more confident you can be when the time comes to make the sale.

If you’re looking for more marketing and sales advice, follow us @livegritgrace on Instagram, we’d love to help you achieve your goals and dreams for your business!

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