Are You Marketing Effectively???

What is marketing in its most basic sense? It’s the idea of attracting the people you want, and repelling the people that you don’t. There are a number of things you do to accomplish this, including the way you craft your bio statement and the content you provide.

But we get asked a lot, “Michael and Jill, how can I make sure that I’m marketing to ensure I’m receiving the most leads and sales for my business?” The answer is simple. You have to market in two very distinct, very different ways.

The first way you can market your business is through passive marketing. When you engage in passive marketing, you are creating a place that encourages your ideal clients/customers to come to you. You have certain things in place that allow your ideal client to easily find you and consume your content.

Examples of this are having a strong clear bio for your instagram, using the correct hashtags, and gearing your content towards talking about the pain points and solutions that your ideal client has and is looking to experience.

This is what most people think of when they think of marketing. A lot of people however, are just starting out in business. They aren’t as big as some of the other people in their niche, and wonder how they can start attracting their ideal clients right away, while they build up their content and expertise.

Which brings us to the second way you can market your business and that is through active marketing. When you are engaging in active marketing, you are going out into the “social media world”, finding where your ideal clients hang out, engaging with them, which will pique their interest, all in the hopes of them coming to check out your page as well.

Done right, this can create a lot of traffic to your Instagram and bring you a ton of new followers that are your ideal clients. The main thing you want to remember is that when you’re engaging with people, you want to make sure to add a ton of value to them, offer a solution, or answer a question they have.

The more valuable the comment/information you leave, the more likely they are to check out your page and engage with you. “Great post” doesn’t sound as good as, “That is definitely something I used to struggle with, and I found ______ to be helpful when I was experiencing _____”. If that was a comment on your page, which one would you respond to?

So even if you are new to business, or you don’t have a huge following yet, you can start engaging in active marketing right away. One top of that, you can start to build up a following of your ideal clients and sell to them immediately, without having a huge following.

Active marketing allows you to create business results right away in the short term, while passive marketing allows you to scale your business continually over the long term. Both are equally important and ensure that you are bringing in consistent, high quality leads for you business.

Let us know in the comments, how do you make sure that you’re engaging in both active and passive marketing???

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